Painteraction is an application developed for researchers at the Sementera Association and the University of Perugia. This platforms hosts interactive applications that help the researchers to perform therapeutic and rehabilitative activities with children on the autistic spectrum.

The application, therefore consisted of both games and playful activities to be performed using the Microsoft Kinect and data-visualisation and information-sharing platform. Here researchers could track their patients' progress through interactive visualizations and share the patient's progress with their parents.

One of most interesting challenges in designing the UX and UI of the application was how to design the affordances for the different interactions for the young users of the platform, as the different elements need to be created for diverse cognitive and physical capabilities.

Another interesting aspect of the platform was the data visualisation for therapists, researchers and the conversational platform for the parents. All the different users had different data access permission, therefore the way that data was visualised needed to be tailored for the expertise or not (in the case of parents) of each kind of user. At the same time the platform was designed to encourage dialogue between the different parties to share insight from different context of the patient’s life, so we integrated a chat and document-sharing capabilities.

In order to achieve the final results, we based our first design iterations from the researcher’s insight followed by on site user testing and interviews.