I am a sort of cerberus: the heads of a designer, an engineer and an artist sharing the same body.
In my artistic practice I mix art, activism, code and physical computing to create speculative probes and hyperbolic products.
As a designer, my work focuses on merging systematic thinking and interaction design to create technology focussed services.

My interests include feminism, digital rights, open software and open culture. My interests brought me to found few artistic collectives, amongst them News World Order, Arduino Disability Orchestra and Unbias, to address pressing contemporary issues.

I am an educator, recurrently teaching at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London.
My works have been exhibited at the British Film Institute, Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Gallery Dublin, London Design Festival amongst others.

I split my time between London, Berlin and Italy.

Give me a shout here:
mail: falomoelena[at]gmail[dot]com
instagram: greatcomplotto