Arduino Disability Orchestra is a format for a university level course that I developed with the student team “Lights On” at Politecnico di Torino. As a student team tightly connected to our faculty we were enquiring and researching about the quality of teaching.
One of the problems highlighted by the students was the lack of practical activities, so we decided to organise workshops and courses. ADO, initially, was born when we met the "Vivere" Association at Techlab, Chieri's makerspace.
We wanted to share the knowledge of the makers and designers from Techlab with Politecnico's in-the-making engineers in order to create electronic instruments for the disabled people of "Vivere".

The initial project was supposed to be a two month workshop, but ended up becoming an open hub for enterprising young engineers, local designers and makers. With this ongoing project we gained the support of institutions like Politecnico di Torino, Fablab Torino and Officine Arduino.

Currently we have eight prototypes, four of which are being beta-tested with the disabled musicians.
The project was officially presented at Munich Maker Faire 2016 as part of an initiative to showcase emerging Italian makers and entrepreneurs.
At the moment we’re engaging other organizations of the territory to explore the impact of the interfaces we have designed, in order to extend them to their full potential.