At Garybald I took part in the realisation and design of the video-mapped set for Brachetti’s show “Brachetti che sorpresa!”. It was designed for the famous quick-change artist by Riccardo Antonino. It consisted in a heap of white luggage bags, being travel the leitmotif of the show, which was mapped with an interactive animation.

I took part to the project during an extracurricular internship, I was a junior animator and a junior video-mapping technician, my work was coordinated by Antonino and assisted by his collaborators.

I made the animation, firstly adjusting the bags’ images on Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and then adding the various animations and further styling with Adobe AfterEffects.
I mapped the scenic design using Millumin, the video was synchronised with the sound and it was reacting accordingly to what was happening on-stage.