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Explore the unknown outside. Form your inside.
Explore someone's inside. Form your inside.
Explore your outside. Form your inside.
Explore your inside. Form your outside.
Explore your inside. Form someone's outside.
Explore your outside. Form the unknown inside.

Donald Burgy
Corpora is a medium for sharing digital information through a performative interface.
Through intimacy, it preserves the contextual integrity of our data.

Now more than ever we are being confronted with the pervasiveness of digital surveillance. Our data gets aggregated, instrumentalised and monetised, often betraying the intentions of those who generate this information.
Yet to the individual, data still has a personal value and valence - it defines our identity in the digital space. Corpora prompts the user to question the value of privacy and the context in which we share our personal data.
Who owns the data about us? Who do our digital selves belong to?

These questions led to design a fictional communication medium that transforms the way we share our digital information from one to another, proposing to the user a new perspective to the corporate algorithmic gaze.
The artist’s digital data is reclaimed from the corporate cloud, mapped and encrypted on the artist’s body.
The visitor is prompted to explore the boundary of privacy at the crossing of the artist’s digital and physical self. In order to retrieve a datum, the visitor is ought to perform a choreography.
An aggregate of .txt, .html, .jpeg, ... becomes a space of intimacy, where the compressed information regains its value through storytelling where meaning is created collaboratively through the interactions of one body with another, of one voice with another.