Nomadi is an interactive multimedia installation conceived by Ali Zaidi from Moti Roti, that explores the origins of three seeds: rice, wheat and coffee. The spectator is taken on a journey throughout time and space discovering the uses of these three grains in different cultures present in the territory of Turin. The audience learns about how these seeds are absorbed by our diversified culture, their traditional use and the way they continue to characterise our civilisation.

Nomadi is made out of audio-visual contents coordinated by a digital system that uses Isadora and Arduino to actively engage with the audience.
The spectator can place one of the containers with the seeds on a pillar; depending on the pillar and choice of seed a different content will be shown.

I was selected amongst the students in my faculty, by the staff of Officine Sintetiche, who produced the installation. I participated to the project as a producer and researcher, I also collaborated with the team building the interactive system.

Being in the coffee research team, I got in touch with many people from North and Central Africa and Middle East, where the ritual originated. I also contacted locals, related to two of the biggest Italian coffee companies. My role was to investigate their relationship with these seed and the importance it had in their lives, filming this very intimate chat. All the interviews took place in the warmth of their homes, in front of a cup of coffee.