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O-some is an interactive stand alone electronic instrument. It is soft to touch and playful. You can: squish it, throw it, shake it, wave it, … and play with it as you would with a big bouncy ball. Since it was developed as a part of the project Arduino Disability Orchestra, it is Lorenzo’s instrument, who has movement limited to the upper-part of his body. O-some, though, can be very easily scaled for an able-bodied person and can be programmed as a self-standing controller which can communicate with any Bluetooth device.

In order to make the music start you have to squish it, then, upon release, you can modulate the sound moving the ball through 3D space. The ball, thanks to a neural network, can also learn some specific and personal gestures, so you can map a specific sound filter to one movement.

It’s 3D printed with a soft rubber filament and a plastic ring in the middle to protect the electronic components. It contains an IMUduino, which has a Bluetooth Smart, and a flex sensor manufactured with Velostat.