STAYREAL is a cross-media narration that spans across four digital platforms. It’s a meta-linguistic journey tailored for young people, especially digital natives. Its objective is to guide the audience to reflect upon the interdependency between a medium and the real message of its content.
STAYREAL is made of four short movies, each one mimes the format of the media it is thought for, both visually and technically.
Its main “rabbit hole” is a TV commercial that subtly engages the audience to search the web for more clues in order to complete the narration.

The public can follow different paths and can enter the journey also from two social networks: Instagram and Youtube. All the videos hermetically link to a website which contains a bonus video that clarifies the connection between all the videos and encourages a reflection and debate about its subject matter.

STAYREAL was a project I developed within the course “Cross Media” at the Politecnico di Torino’s faculty “Media Engineering”. In my team I was the producer, the researcher and I contributed to the shootings.
The concept spun off McLuhan’s quote “The medium is the message”.