Touchology is a is an exploratory investigation into a new wave of music where instruments and interfaces are designed around gestural controls. We aimed to create a new dream machine that would mesmerize the user, soothing him with molecules of sound and movement.

We regarded random noise as a rising form of music and we wanted to turn it into a new form of expression. the white noise machine is controlled using a series of capacitive proximity sensors. This allows it translate subtle hand movements into digital controls for the antennae. The random movement of the antennae creates a white noise soundscape, which the user can affect with proximity.

Touchology was made with open hardware. It is, in fact, controlled by a series of Arduinos and a Bare Conductive Touch Board via I2C. This allows it to sense both the user’s touch and proximity, and react accordingly. Beginning stationary and fully splayed out, when the user touches either the central plate, or the wire of the antennae, they immediately start to move and bounce. As the user’s hand approaches the moving groups, the antennae shrink away, retreating from the table top as the hand approaches.

Therefore the user can create his/her own soundscape according to taste, modulating the intensity of the instrument, creating new rhythms, producing harmony by synchronising the modules or introducing more randomness.

A smaller version of the artwork is currently part of the Science Gallery exhibition Sound Check