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Unfold is a media platform that brings quality, context, and transparency to the news that affects our world every day.

The Unfold platform curates news content from media outlets that meet specific journalistic standards; standards based off ethical codes from professional media organisations. News sources are vetted using tools such as fact checking and natural language processing to ensure that each standard is met.

The personalised news feed is generated from the reader’s preferences and adapts over time to their interests and reading habits. The reader can view and edit their data at any time. This gives agency back to the readers and allows them to control which stories appear in their feed. The users can also become more aware of their reading habits through helpful infographics that present the individual’s reading history and political biases.

The platform presents an intuitive interface that brings back a sense of discovery to information. The reader can unfold a news story by interacting with keywords that dynamically introduce contextual information. Opinion pieces from across the political spectrum are also just “a fold away”. The reader can traverse these folds to gain a deeper and more balanced understanding of the subject.